Rose xecutive holster


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Created for the P365 varients in 9mm and .380 these holsters are exactly what we have been asking for in the female conceal carry world! 

The ROSE by SIG SAUER™ series handguns represent a complete personal defense system by SIG SAUER™ in conjunction with competitor and trainer Lena Miculek — pistols developed to guide women in their journey from the point of purchase to their first time at the range.

As low-print, high-comfort IWB holsters go, the Xecutive has no equal. Made of a precision-molded Kydex pocket, a premium clip and retention hardware, the Xecutive represents the pinnacle of versatility, concealability, and comfort for those who favor IWB carry. Developed primarily for appendix carry, this minimalist holster has been personally customized by Lena Miculek to come standard with the UltiClip3 retention clip and a minimalistic ModWing, delivering a more professional EDC setup.

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