300 Blackout RN Coated Rifle Bullet

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300 Blackout Round Nose 220 Grain Bullet. Hitek Coated using a special formula that produces a superior coating. 

Cast using a 92-6-2 commercial alloy that will produce around 16 BHN. 

These are standard sized at .309 or .310 Other sizes are available for special orders.

You don't have to have an expanding die, but if you are looking for one here is a link to a good one: Mighty Armory Expanding die.

The bullet is 1.320 +/- in length.  Beginning overall length is 2.06 +/-

The 2100 bulk case option weighs 65 pounds and utilizes a large bag inside of a medium flat rate box.

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  • 5
    220 grain rn 300 blk out bullets.

    Posted by Kurt DuBose on Apr 1st 2024

    Quality is outstanding. I have not loaded any yet, however I do not see any issues with these. will be purchasing more in the future.

  • 5
    300 AAC

    Posted by Curtis on Mar 12th 2024

    Good quality and as advertised. Consistent weight and diameter. I have to size the down to .308 to work in my Mini 14; after that, it's my favorite subsonic bullet.

  • 5

    Posted by STONE on Nov 16th 2023

    Reloading these for a 5in 1/5 twist 300BO AR. I tried the .309 with lil gun powder 8.6gr at COL of 2.200, I use an expander die to slightly bell the mouth of the case. They ran ran at 1040 fps. They cycled good supressed. What I noticed after 10 rounds was I couldn't see the rifling in my barrel due to severe leading. I have shot these before in other barrels with no leading issues. I reached out to hoosier bullets and they sent me a few of the .310 bullets to try. I loaded them the same and tested them again and they shot great and with no leading at all this time. I will be a repeat customer again. Great bullets and a great company.

  • 4
    300 Blackout RN Coated Rifle Bullet

    Posted by Richard Lucas on May 28th 2023

    Took a lil work to get the load right but once I got it they worked great.

  • 5
    Great for 300BLK plinking rounds!

    Posted by J Hibbs on Mar 5th 2023

    I ordered a case of the 220gr .310 sized bullets and loaded with H110. They worked great in my BCA 300Blk 10.5" upper. These are great plinking rounds and make the 300Blk much more affordable to shoot. I will definitely be buying more when I run low.

  • 5
    .300 BLK RN

    Posted by Jud on Mar 4th 2023

    Worked great as advertised. A couple minor deficiencies, but overall great product for the money. I will be purchasing more. 9.3 grains of H110 in converted brass. 2.250 OAL. They cycle great!

  • 5
    300 blk coated bullet

    Posted by Chesty on Jan 21st 2023

    Awesome. They are good quality and sized perfectly at .309. All of equal weight. The coating doesn't rub off, chip or smoke. What I recover from subsonic loads in the bullet trap are still coated where not totally smashed to bare lead. I size the bullets to .308 for reliable feeding in a mini-14. My preferred velocity for this bullet is 1050 fps; they work great.

  • 4
    Amazing quality for the price

    Posted by Craig on Aug 13th 2022

    These will be my go to for subsonic plinking loads from here on out. I started with weighing 20 out to see how close they were. I was surprised, because usually cast bullets have a huge variation in weights, at least from my experience. These all weighed within .2 grains of each other. The only thing is, most were 217.2-217.4, but I did have a few that were 218+. Still just fine for plinking, especially at this price. As usual, I started low and built up in powder charge. They all fed great and locked the bolt back, and they were all subsonic. I'm already planning on purchasing a couple thousand more soon! And best of all, they are a company in my home state!

  • 5
    220 grain RN for 300 Blackout

    Posted by Dave on Jun 22nd 2022

    Great for subsonic. Accurate and reliable. Loaded 11.2 grains A1680 seated to 2.20" OAL.

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