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NRA Training
$40.00 - $125.00

This is a NRA Pistol Training Course.  The cost includes materials and a NRA Certificate of Com…

Embroidered patches

Spice up your outfit by adding an eye-catching embroidered patch. Thanks to its durable twill fabric…

Mouse pad

Every mouse needs a good mouse pad! Our mouse pad offers supreme grip and effortless mouse movement,…

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Post Office raising the cost of shipping.

In order to keep the cost of making bullets at a minimum we have decided to make some adjustments to

Jan 8th 2020

Coated Bullets: The future of lead bullets for handloaders?

Coated Bullets: The future of lead bullets for handloaders?Link to original article: https://ww

Nov 21st 2019

Information about Hitek coated bullets

Hi-Tek Supercoat Bullets Hi-Tek Supercoat Bullets greatly reduce the amount of smoke normally as

Nov 21st 2019