Some information about Hitek coating

Posted by Jeff Hopson on Dec 17th 2023

We use a coating brand called Hitek to coat my bullets. It works like a stain by adhering to the lead and penetrating its pores. This coating provides complete encapsulation, leaving no exposed l … read more

Changes in case quantity sizes

Posted by Jeff Hopson on Jul 11th 2023

We have adjusted our case quantity sizes to align with the industry standards. For instance, we have been selling a 3650 bullet count box of 9mm 124-grain bullets compared to the industry standard of … read more

5% Loyal Customer Discount

Jun 23rd 2023

Loyal customers earn a 5% discount on all bullet products. When a customer has met the three purchase minimum, this discount will be automatically applied during checkout.

Post Office raising the cost of shipping.

Jan 8th 2020

In order to keep the cost of making bullets at a minimum we have decided to make some adjustments to our shipping prices. Our orders are sent out through the USPS using the Priority Mail system.& … read more