9mm 147 grain FP Hi-Tek coated (Grooved)

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10.50 LBS
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Colors in the photos are representative and do not indicate what you will receive.

Recommended starting OAL-1.150+/-

We use a commercial alloy that is 92% lead, 6% antimony and 2% tin.

Standard sizing diameter at .356

If you are using a Dillon press then the Mighty Armory Powder funnel is the best tool for properly preparing your cases for these coated bullets.

We recommend the either the Uniquetek powder funnel or Mighty Armory Flare and Expander die for properly preparing your cases for coated bullets.

We offer a variety of options for ordering. The 3000 bulk case option weighs 63 pounds and utilizes one large bag inside of a USPS medium flat rate box. 

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  • 5
    147 gr grooved 9mm

    Posted by Ward Messing on Apr 12th 2024

    bullets weight the same and have the same diameter Like the grove for seating the bullets.

  • 5
    147gr FP 9mm

    Posted by Charles M Helmich on Feb 9th 2024

    Fast Delivery, High Quality Bullets. Consistent from batch to batch.

  • 5
    9mm 147 gr FP grooved

    Posted by Mike on Jan 11th 2024

    I have now ordered and shot 22,500 of these and am obviously very happy with them. Have mostly shot them in my Glocks, but have had excellent results in Springfield xdm elite, Canik, CZ, Walther PDP, and Smith and Wesson. Have also had excellent results using Unique, Bullseye, Titegroup, WAC, CFE, Sport Pistol, Clays, WST, and Power Pistol which is great cause I can use up all those powders I have accumulated over the years. Of course like all the reviews customer service and shipping are top notch!! Very happy customer! Thank you Jeff and crew!!

  • 5

    Posted by Roy Wilson on Aug 30th 2022

    I have been wanting to try this bullet in my two 38 super 1911s for a while. Other cast bullets I have tried have stripped on the rifling and given poor accuracy. I have loaded this bullet to 1050 fps and have gotten good accuracy and reliable feeding. I have already loaded half the bullets i ordered so will get another order out to you pretty soon.

  • 5
    147g FP / lube groove

    Posted by Mark M. on Jun 6th 2022

    I prefer these over the non-lube groove version for the simple reason that they are a bit longer so you can play with the seating depth a bit more if you need to depending on your load combo. I like to use 2.9g of Titegroup with an OAL of 1.120" which will make minor PF in most guns and is very accurate.

  • 5
    9mm 147 FP with LG

    Posted by George on May 7th 2022

    Great product. Competitively priced. Great customer service.

  • 5
    9mm 147 flat nose

    Posted by Jim Fowler on Aug 11th 2021

    Just got these a couple of weeks ago and so far have about 150 rds of both the grooved and ungrooved. So far, they seem to shoot to the same POI as my plated 135s and my go to woods load (147gr HC, Flat nose) Accuracy has been better than expected and I hope to replace all my other bullets with these. I'll use a softer load for practice and a much stouter one foe woods carry in black bear country. No perceived difference to me in the grooved vs. ungrooved so when I commit to a larger buy, it'll be for ungrooved.

  • 5
    9mm 147gr

    Posted by Sonny Olivier on Jul 26th 2021

    Quick delivery. Excellent bullets easy to load. Just need to get to the range!

  • 5
    9MM 147gr FP's Are The Best!!!!!

    Posted by Russ Massengill on Apr 22nd 2021

    Tried these out at the suggestion of a fellow reloader. I must say these are the first hi-tek coated bullets I've tried that feed reliably in all of my 9mm pistols (Glocks, S&Ws, Caniks, IWI Baby Desert Eagle, Taurus, Kel-Tec Sub 2000, Palmetto State AKV, etc.... I LOVE these bullets. Ordered two 15lb packs and will be ordering more!!!

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