P365-XMACRO IWB holster


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Inside Waistband Holster designed to fit the Sig Sauer P365-XMACRO handgun. 

Our holsters for the Sig Sauer P365-XMACRO are vacuum formed with a precision machined mold designed from a CAD model of the actual firearm. 

Each holster is formed, trimmed, and folded in-house. Final fit and function tests are done with the actual pistol to ensure the holster fits the gun and has the correct amount of retention.

The holster's retention is easily adjusted so that the fit can be dialed into your personal preference. 


  • Full Sweatguard
  • Adjustable retention
  • Covered Magazine release
  • Adjustable ride height and cant 
  • Compatible with the Phlster Enigma 
  • Made from .080" thick thermoplastic for durability
  • Open Muzzle for threaded barrels or compensators 
  • Minimal material and smooth edges to reduce printing.
  • The holster is designed to accommodate a red dot sight mounted to the pistol
  • Optional Modwing includes 2 inserts to allow user to adjust the amount of leverage placed against the inside of the belt to reduce firearm printing
  • Proudly made in the USA.



The Monoblock is a high carbon heat treated steel belt attachment with a proprietary coating to prevent rust. The clip is designed for 1.5" width belts with an extremely high clamping force that will not slip off the belt once installed correctly. The Monoblock allows holsters and mag pouches to be worn without a belt as long as the garment is sturdy enough to hold the weight. The under hook design on both legs has a built-in progressive strain relief. In the event it sees a large amount of force, this strain relief coupled with uniform hardness of the steel will gradually bend while continuing to hold instead of just hitting its limit and breaking.

Care and maintenance: The surface finish of the clip does not need much attention. If any light scratches or wear marks develop, we recommend a quick yet firm buff with WD40, but anything like vegetable oil, mineral oil, or motor oil will work well. Just put a couple drops on your clip and rub it in vigorously using firm pressure with a lint free cloth. This will help keep it looking it's best cosmetically.


The UltiTuck combines 3 great features into 1 clip. It replaces most two hole horizontally mounted clips while providing the additional features. Is is a tuckable design. The innovative design transforms a traditional holster into a tuckable holster. It allows for beltless carry. The Ultituck is built around the Ulticlip patented locking system which allows for beltless carry It provides user adjustable cant. The two T shaped slots allow for adjustable cant and variable mounting hole widths of .60″ to 1″

UltiTuck provides the same great retention and concealment as found in the original Ulticlip.  

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