NRA Certified Training Schedule

Jeff and Tina Hopson are Certified NRA instructors.  Tina schedules private lessons and small group training for ladies.  If you are interested in setting up lessons or a class, please complete the contact form.

Upcoming classes:

September 3 -  NRA Defensive Pistol
September 17 - NRA First Steps
September 23 - Combating the Mass Shooter Seminar
October 1 - NRA First Steps
October 8 - NRA Basic Pistol
October 22 - NRA Defensive Pistol
November 12 - NRA Basic Pistol
November 26 - NRA Defensive Pistol

You can register for these classes by going to and doing a class search.  You click the class you are searching for, add 46181 as the zip code and these classes will come up.

Private lessons available 
Private classes available

First steps classes are for those who are beginning their firearms journey and have maybe not purchased a gun yet but would like to try before they buy using our pistols.  These are also great classes for ladies who want to get some friends together to take a class together, families, couples. etc.

Please feel free to contact us via e-mail as well by completing the form below!

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