Crossbreed Liberty Band

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The Liberty Band by CrossBreed Holsters is the perfect accessory to any concealed carry setup. This innovative design allows you the ability to wear any holster with 1.5” clips in multiple positions without the need for a belt. If you have ever found IWB carry uncomfortable, the Liberty Band is perfect for you by simply having the holster sit slightly above your pant line. Now, more than ever, carrying a firearm may be the difference between life and death. With the Liberty Band by CrossBreed, your outfit won’t dictate your protection.

Designed to be comfortable like a piece of clothing yet have the durability you have come to expect from CrossBreed Holsters, the Liberty band is simple yet refined. The soft band is designed to not pinch or scratch your skin and its Nylon + Rubber blend will give you all the stretch you need without feeling tight and uncomfortable. A thicker top portion of material secures your 1.5” holster clips to the band, keeping your holster securely in place and easy to remove.

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